Alicia’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Mar 2019

Location: Santiago, Chile

MapNow playing at the Santiago airport, terrible covers of all your favorite songs! Like you think it’s that song you like but it just doesn’t sound right.

We literally spent the entire day at various airports, so I’ll regale you with a tale of The Worst Tourists. There was a tour bus full of people all getting on our flight from Punta Arenas to Santiago, all baby boomer Americans in matching embroidered fleece vests . If you’re already snorting, just wait, it gets better! This one lady is bragging loudly about how great their tour company is, and it’s so exclusive and fancy, and she’s literally telling this to other people on the tour. Then she’s like “oh I know it sounds so snobby, but this one guy said “I’m not getting on a yacht that’s slower than mine!” Hahaha now that’s snobby!” Then they all laugh like inbred hyenas. She continues loudly talking about how she’s going to South Africa next year with this same travel company and how it was never even offered to the public but they called her specifically to offer her a spot on the trip. She must have said at least 4 times that the trip was never even opened to the public.

Fast forward to baggage claim, actually it went very slowly to baggage claim because it took these people for fricken even to gather all their shit from the overhead bins and actually get off the plane. Standing in the aisle putting on their coats like there isn’t a line of people standing there waiting to get off. baggage claim some people from the group were talking about how the place they stayed in Torres del Paine was featured in the in flight magazine because of course it was. “5 stars obviously”

These big tours have never held much appeal for me, I like going at my own pace, and being the one who decides where and when we go places, also I like having experiences that are hard or surprising and maybe not what you planned. They have their hands held and are chauffeured from place to place and never actually have to talk to anyone outside their group or attempt to navigate a new place on their own. I’m not saying that everyone who goes on these tours is bad or a rich asshole, but you do miss out and it seems like those who go on the tours are exactly the type of people who could benefit from a broader view of the world and actually have an experience that isn’t a “them and us”. (Us on the tour vs. all the people who they are paying to do stuff for them)

*steps off soapbox*