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Brian’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Aug 2011

Location: Paris, France

Mapjust a quick entry to let you know we are safe and sound AND now rested in Paris. In bed at 6pm last night and up around 4.30am today.
Even with the stopover in Seoul we were still knackered by the time we arrived at the Avia Saphir Hotel in Montparnasse.
We check in; went up in the lift to the 5/6 floor limit of the lift and clamoured up the narrow spiral staircase to our "garret" on the top floor. (luckily there are only 7 floors)
I was a latter of sweat by the time I lugged the bag to the room so we decided that after we had perused our "home" (for the next 5 days) and put on a dry shirt we'd hit he Cafe Pasteur next door and have a cleansing biere/vin blanc! This in fact turned into a couple and then we headed back upstairs, closed the window and the blind and got to bed.
We were lulled to sleep by the rain dancing on the window and roof - which also cooled he place down.

So now we are off for breakkie and then out into the city to get our bearings for the joys of Paris. Might do the Moulin Rouge dinner show tonight and get some photos downloaded later as well.
Btw, Creaky reckons the pigeons of Paris are HUGE!!