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Brian’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011

Location: Paris, France

Map(Later Saturday and on to Sunday) Secured Paris Museum Pass and returned to Cafe Pasteur to map out “Free Entry 1st Sunday of the month” options – with no camera and the anticipated HUGE crowds!!!
One of the options was Versailles - as the very affable lady at the PTO suggested, “Versailles isn’t free, but if you go early and use the Priority Pass then it should be OK!” Her 2 words, “go early” were to be prophetic words in the use of our passes for the rest of our time in Paris.
Arrived at Versailles at 8.15 for the 9am opening at the “priority entry” line which was 200 metres long!! BUT it was miniscule to what we encountered when we left later.
EXCESSIVE OPULENCE EXTRAORDINAIRE!!! This place totally overwhelmed us both. I’m still shaking my head. There are no words that can really describe this place. So, I’m not going to even try. We escaped Chateau overload and headed for the gardens AND today we were treated (@8 Euros each extra) to the “fountains display” – where the fountains of Versailles were turned on. It was truly a wonderful experience to witness this on such a beautiful summer’s day.
Prior to that we wandered through the gardens around the Grand Canal and pondered a culinary experience so that we could skite that we lunched at Versailles – but after viewing the menu at the “local cafe” we decided to make use of “free Sunday” and headed back to town.
BTW – did I mention that we also invested in a 3 day Paris Viste Metro+ pass.
Bloody hell!! I thought the Seniors Pass was the “bees’ knees” but this pass is a great deal if you use it properly. Creaky and I have been all over the place and actually found some places we really wanted to be!!
ANYWAY – back to Sunday (after Versailles)
We ended up at the Rodin’s Museum. (For those unaware he is the sculptor of The Thinker / The Kiss etc!!!) MORE OVERWHELMING!!! I’ve always admired his work and to be in his garden, to view his magnificent works and enjoy lunch on such a lovely summer’s day was a plus.
AND then comes Monday and the Louvre etc!!