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Florence’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Aug 2010

I'm now in Jaipur, and it is just as hot, sticky, and crazy as Delhi! I'm staying with a local family at the moment along with 5 other girls who are volunteering with me. Everyone is so lovely, and Soniya the wife is an amazing cook. I think i'm going to be coming home a few pounds heavier, the food is so good here!
I rode an elephant today which was an experience! I felt a bit bad for the elephants though having to walk the same path lots of times a day, but they seemed to be well cared for.
We went shopping today as well, and I bought a beautiful saree, as well as other indian style clothing. God knows when else i'll wear it apart from out here, but they were too pretty to resist, and I bought them all in bright colours you'll be pleased to know mum!
Tomorrow i'm off to the taj mahal which should be good, and then we're getting the night train to himachal where I start my volunteer work. Hopefully will be back on here soon with some photos! xx