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Florence’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 Aug 2010

Location: India

MapHi guys, sorry for not writing on here for ages, but not much has really been happening! I started the volunteer work, i'm working with Becca in a day care centre with children aged 0-4, sooo cute! It's right by a temple as well which is nice as you can learn a bit about their religion, and there was a festival going on a few days back so lots of men with bright coloured clothes and face paints and dreadlocks were about!
IDEX is a bit crap though as we have to hang about for hours and hours.. we work at 9-12 and then do nothing for the rest of the day! but it's too difficult to actually get anywhere to explore which is a bit rubbish. On the weekends it's good though as we can organise our own trips.
This weekend, me and 6 others have come to Manali, the land of marijuana and my favourite place in the world! It's really weird being back here, lots of memories have come flooding back!
I attempted to get the bus to Dobha today, which is where the family I stayed with last time I was out here live, but the bus dropped me and jamma in some random place and we ended up having to trek four hours to get there! We reached a river crossing and were just about to give up and go back when a jeep came along and told us to hop in the back and they would take us to Dobha! We then picked up another guy, and it turned out he knew the family! so he took us to their house. It was an emotional reunion, and it was nice that they remembered me. Amit wasn't actually there unfortunately, but he is due home tomorrow at 9am so we are going to go back there and see him :)
We have also met some guys from Punjab who we are going to go and have a drink with tonight, and some fellow travellers from dominican republic who we are also going to meet up with! William said that I can go and stay out in dom rep with him whenever I like, so that's next years holiday sorted!