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Florence’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010

Location: India

MapHi guys, I'm back from Manali - went back to Amit's house and saw him which was very nice! They are so generous there, as soon as we arrived we were bombarded with food and drink, even though they can barely afford to eat themselves.
The journey back to camp from Manali was about 7 hours, but it was impossible to sleep as our driver was crazy! Broke every rule in the book, overtaking round corners and as we were going up hills so you have no idea what coming the other way! I will never complain about David's driving again!
Back at camp now, just seen Becca off as she's going home early. Was so sad saying goodbye to her but I'll see her in October as we've already arranged that she's coming down for my birthday! (hope you don't mind mum!)
Everyone in camp is dropping like flies at the moment, Delhi belly galore! So far I've been okay though, just hope it stays that way!
I've managed to gain the trust of one o the little girls at the day care centre and I want to take her home with me! She's so cute but a little troubled I think, she cries a lot and refuses to join in when the other kids are playing. I managed to get her to play a little bit with me yesterday though, and she even cracked a smile!!
Apart from that there's not really much going on here at the moment, looking forward to the trek this weekend thougb :)
Speak to you all soon!