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Florence’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Aug 2010

MapHi guys, I'm sat in an internet cafe at the moment soaked to the skin! English waterproofs were definately not made for use in the monsoon as I don't think there is any part of me that is not soaking right now!
The thunder is also mental here, it sounds like we're being bombed or something it's so loud! Yesterday I went shopping with a few of the girls here and found it so hard not to just buy everything in sight!
Today me and three others went to a Buddhist temple which was really nice, although you get so many people there asking for pictures with you, and for your autograph - it's crazy! Afterwards we went to a Tibetan museum which was good but very sad learning about everything that happened over there. Tibet is definately on my list of places to visit though!
Me and Jemma are hoping to stay here in Mcleod Ganj until Tuesday as there is a festival happening which celebrates the relationships between brothers and sisters!
We're off to a cool restaurant this evening which has like an open mic night - indian style!
But for now the rain seems to be stopping so I had better use this opportunity to make a run for the hotel!