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Florence’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Aug 2010

Location: India

MapHi guys, I've just seen the other volunteers off who were only staying here for a month, it was so sad! Met some amazing people out here, from lots of different country's like Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, so I've got my holidays for the next couple of years sorted! We went out for a goodbye meal last night to a place called the lounge, and during our meal they played "the macarena" so we all got up and did the macarena dance!
There's just 6 of us left here at camp now, but next weekend 18 new volunteers arrive which should be good!
The weathers improved a bit these past few days as well, it still rains, but not all day everyday anymore!
I'm off to a town called Khangra tomorrow which is just two hours away on a bus, and apparently has no western influence whatsoever so it will be nice to see a typical Indian town as most of the other places I've visited are fairly westernised and have lots of hotels, internet cafe's and western style restaurants.
Will keep you updated on what it's like there!