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Florence’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010

Location: India

MapWell I went to Kangra, and if you ever want to feel like you're famous I suggest you do too! We went to the big temple there and people just would not leave us alone! They ask for photo's, your autograph, and then when you try and walk away they follow you everywhere, giggling and pointing and trying to touch you or talk to you! We picked up quite a crowd! We also went to Kangra fort which was a mission walking around in the heat, but once we reached the top it was definitely worth it, the views were stunning!
Today I have just been working at the day care centre, and have decided that I want to steal one of the children to take them home with me! They are so cute, and most of them are eager to learn. Most days we take them to the temple which is on the same site as the day care centre and its really beautiful. They always include me in their routines, teaching me why they do certain things like covering their hair and throwing a thimble of water over their heads, its very interesting, and probably one of my favourite parts of the day as it's so peaceful there! And on tuesdays the temple provides food for all the children and staff which is nice, it's very spicy but tastes so good, and makes a nice change from the porridge that the children normally get served up for lunch.
I had better go as i'm about to go and do "community work" which is basically going to the children's houses who haven't been attending day care for a while and talking to their parents about the importance of education, and persuade them to keep taking their child to day care. It's good seeing real Indian homes and spending time with the children and their parents together, and most of the parents are so lovely I just get spoilt with food and chai all the time!!