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Florence’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Sep 2010

Location: India

MapHello, I can't believe I come home in just over a week! Today i'm having to pack up all my stuff as we're moving camp - the one i'm at at the moment is being renovated so we're moving to a place up the road which is actually really nice! It's good as well because all the volunteers can stay in one building whereas before, some of us were at main camp and some of us were at a place called Silveroaks and so it was a bit rubbish!
The community visits this week were really good, although one boy I went to see called Rahul was living in just a little shack, with no bed or anything, and his parents had gone to Delhi for the week and left his 10 year old sister to do all the cooking, cleaning and looking after which is why he hadn't been attending day care.
It was Krishna's birthday on thursday, so on wednesday evening we all went down to a nearby temple and sat with everyone while they played music and sang songs. It was really nice seeing what they do to celebrate, as I guess it's a bit like our christmas!
This weekend I was supposed to go to Chandigarh where there's a really beautiful rock garden, and also a few night clubs! But yet again I was ill so couldn't go, and as it's my last weekend here it doesn't look like I will get the chance. Never mind though, it just means I will have to come back to India to visit it another time!!
The new volunteers arrive tomorrow which i'm really excited about, as although i get on really well with all the current volunteers, being only 6 of us it can get a bit boring! Hopefully having 16 new arrivals though will spice things up a bit! xx