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Florence’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Sep 2010

Location: India

MapHiya, i'm not really sure where to begin with this week, it's been a bit crazy!
Work has been really good this week, I now have another volunteer with me so i'm not left to deal with all the children myself which is nice as you're able to spend a little more time on individual kids instead of having to have your eyes on all of them all the time!
On tuesday the "teachers" weren't even in as they were on strike so there was just me, kai (the new volunteer) and Alpana, my project executive in. I think it's ridiculous that the teachers went on strike though as they do nothing! When I first arrived here and went looking around all the placements, the reason I chose the day care centre was because the children were just made to sit very still on chairs doing absolutely nothing all day while the teachers sat around talking, reading the newspaper etc etc. And apparently that is all the children can do when there is not volunteers there to teach them and play with them as the teachers can't be bothered to do anything! And the whole time i've been working there I haven't seen the teachers do a single thing for the kids! So i think it's outrageous that they have the cheek to demand a pay rise!
I have fallen even more in love with Sangita, nowadays as soon as she arrives at day care she just plops herself down straight on my lap and refuses to move for the rest of the day! She even chatters away happily to me now, which everyone finds amazing as she used to never talk to anyone! I have no idea what she's saying as it's all in Hindi but I don't mind, it's just lovely to see her smile and laugh!
Today I went to the doctors to try and find out why i've been ill for such a long time, and I really wish i hadn't bothered! They attached me to a drip, took a sample of my blood, and then forced me to take two pills, two lots of medicine, and injected two lots of god knows what into my arm! They told me that i had dangerously low blood pressure, severe dehydration, and that I would have to stay in hospital for a few days. When I told them I had to leave in just two days to go back to England they told me I wouldn't be able to! Then yet another nurse came in with yet more injections and pills and as you can imagine I went a little bit hysterical at this point! I told them absolutely no way was I going to take anything or have else injected into me! I told them to take the drip out of me and let me go home at once! They kept me there for a good half an hour trying to convince me the needles wouldn't hurt, and wouldn't listen when i told them it wasn't about the needles, it was about me wanting to get back to Delhi in time for my flight on monday! In the end they gave up and let me go, after the doctor had told me I was a very stupid girl for leaving... I'm 99% sure though that he was just trying to scam as much money out of me as possible, as it turns out my blood pressure is low, but still perfectly healthy and absolutely nothing to worry about! So I wonder what else he was exaggerating about... And i'm 100% sure that if I went to a doctor with the same symptoms at home they would simply give me a course of antibiotics at the very most, and just tell me to go home and rest! A big fuss for nothing i think, I only agreed to go to keep the manager happy!
I can't quite believe I only have a day left here and then I begin my three days travelling home! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you lovely people, but i'm definately not ready to leave the kids just yet! And i'm dreading having to get a 5 hour bus journey, a 10 hour train journey, then a night in Delhi and then a 9 hour plane ride! I'll just keep thinking of the macaroni cheese waiting for me when I get home though eh Dave?!
See you all soon xx