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Florence’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010

MapHello, this is my last diary entry as I am now back at home!
The Journey home was so long, but after a 6 hour bus ride and a 10 hour train journey where I had to share a cabin with about 6 other men who just stared at me for the ENTIRE night (making it very diffult to be able to sleep very well) I eventually arrived in Delhi! Here I was supposed to be meeting a person from the idex organisation who i'd travelled out there with. However, they were not where they were supposed to be, and so I had to call an emergency number and then wait for two hours for someone to come and get me! It was a little bit scary being in the middle of Delhi by myself and having no idea if anyone was coming to get me, but I met a nice man and wife who were kind and let me sit with them for a while and borrow their phone etc.
I then got to my hotel and as it was one of their taxi drivers who was so late picking me up they were very apologetic and gave me the nicest room in the hotel which was a plus! I went upstairs and watched about 4 films on t.v before deciding that I should stop being such a wuss and just venture out in Delhi by myself to do a bit of shopping. So i did, and then found a pizza hut which made me very excited! As soon as I sat down though I had people coming over and asking for photos with me (I think I caused quite a stir being a young white girl out for dinner by myself!) So I decided to take it back to my hotel room instead where I spent the rest of the evening watching yet more films!
I've now been back home for a week, for a few days it seemed very strange! But i've adjusted back to this culture now, and already India seems like a lifetime ago!
Anyway, I'm just about to post up some photo's if I can work out how to! Hope you enjoy them, and see you all soon! xx