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Donna in Thailand’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Jul 2010

Location: Nong Plong , Thailand

MapHi again everyone! Since my first entry, I arrived at the family's home. The oldest daughter whose nickname is Ae cofounded Volunthai with her American husband. They do the initial contacting from the US and Ae's middle sister Oh meets volunteers in Bangkok to direct them to Chaiyaphum. So we traveled by bus and were met at our destination by the youngest daughter Oom. I felt like a spy in training with Oom giving us a crash course in basic Thai phrases, customs, Thai food (she took us to a local market where she ordered a variety of dishes for us and taught us what we were eating), and finally, the Thai toilet -an adventure in and of itself! It's a squatting toilet that requires you to flush by dumping water from a reservoir. Enough about yesterday morning, I was picked up by two teachers from the school I was assigned to - a rural school of the same size as mine, but that spans K to 9th grade. One of the teachers, whose nickname is Tik, is a lovely young mother (she and the daughters of the Pietong family are very beautiful women). She has been my teacher, translator, and friend. The other teacher, Tawan, along with his wife Prayo, who also teaches in the school, are hosting me in their home. They are very bright and kind people with a wonderful sense of humor, but with limited English. My Thai is getting better!