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Donna in Thailand’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Jul 2010

Location: Nong Plong, Thailand

MapHi everyone! So now I get to the best part of my visit. The people and culture here in the northeast are lovely. I know I've only begun to grasp it. There is an incredible sense of caring, community, and respect. Thai culture brings new meaning to "honor thy father and thy -mother." Children, including adult children are brought up to take care of and respect their elders in every way. My hosts, Tawan and Prayo, have a daughter and new son-in-law living with them, Ning and Kom, who seem to be constantly in the kitchen cooking and cleaning (except when Tawan cooks - he is an expert!). The other evening when Prayo and I were visiting at Tik's house, Ning brought over umbrellas on her motorcycle when it looked like the rain would begin.

So, for me so far it's been an interesting experience coming here in my fifties. I, too, am treated with utmost respect and not just because I am a guest. If I sit on the floor, Tik, my young mentor, sits on the floor. It is second-nature in the Thai culture.

When I was sent here, I was told that I am the first volunteer at this school and that the people were excited to see someone of my age travel to visit them. So I have been warmly welcomed by my hosts, all of the teachers, and all of the students.
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