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Donna in Thailand’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Aug 2010

Location: Nong Plong, Thailand

MapSammy, the English volunteer who just came a few days ago, and I are in the office of the school on a Sunday morning, catching up with Internet business! We're going shortly with Tik's family to plant rice at their family farm! Yesterday, we went to another part of their farm where they are growing sweet potatoes. We had a picnic right by the crop, and it was lovely, nestled at the foot of a long mountain! After that, Sammy and I tried our hand at making Pad Thai on our own. It wasn't bad! Then in the evening, we observed Tik's mother make chicken in coconut milk, with lemongrass and other Thai seasonings. I keep forgetting what it's called!

Not much else to report now!