claire and david’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Aug 2010

Location: Hong Kong, China

MapEvery story starts off with the first entry, so here goes. Part of the excitement of any trip is getting ready. This includes the decisions of what to take, alterations to clothes, new clothes etc. Not only did I/we go through all of these but for the first time, I had to do a repack as I wanted to keep the weight in my bag @ 15kgs or less. Finally succeeded and seemed to have a lot of room left over as well.
The "Happy Cabby" turned up 15 minutes early - 2.45 am instead of 3.00 am , a pity as I was hoping that I could finish off a book I was reading. About 10 pages left. Trip through Sydney was a breeze except that the Tunnel was closed so the driver kept on apologising for taking fractionally longer than he intended. Check in took all of a 3 minute wait followed by 4 minutes being processed. All in all a good flight to Hong Kong where we are currentltly waiting for the flight to Beijing. Hong Kong airport is enormous with a 20 minute walk from gate 67 to gate 1. But made it with plenty of time to spare. Will do the next entry when I can as the plane has just been called........