claire and david’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Aug 2010

Location: Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Mapwe arrived in Ulaan Bataar yesterday, after flying from Beijing. The city has 1 million people and has very bad traffic conditions. We have been travelling around both yesterday afternoon and today by 4 wheel drive minivan(6 seater)- an ex russian transport vehicle. Definitely not a pajero or a hummer! We visited a working temple complete with monks!
followed by 2 museums. The last one showed the history of Mongolia.
I was particulary impressed with the preservation of artifacts BC.
We decided to try some authentic mongolian cuisine for lunch so went to a local restaurant and bar. We managed to buy a beer but the menu was in mongolian , no english, and was written in Cyrillic script! The waiter spoke no english so we pointed to pictures that didnt seem to reflect the menu. The waiter went to the kitchen and came back with one word of english - chicken. So we had that and it was excellent!
tomorrow we head off for two weeks in the country side stopping in a ger. Probably we will not have internet acces for a little while.