claire and david’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Sep 2010

Location: Tserkhin Tsagaan Nuur, Mongolia

MapToday is the official letís get fit day. We start off with a drive to the local volcano and then a walk up the side of it. It rises to about 2691m and is basaltic in nature. You can clearly see 2 huge flows in different directions, the oldest stretching out for about 7 km whilst the youngest flow was about 3 km in size. The volcano last erupted 7500 yrs before present. The volcano is called Khorgo Uul near the village of Tariat. The climb was short especially using the steps so thoughtfully provided. We decided to walk around the rim, itís extinct so I didnít mind but I did think I resembled an ibex as I bounded from rocky outcrop to rocky outcrop on my way around. We finished off with a 4 km walk home, lunch and then out for a walk around the Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur or lake. This was a pleasant stroll of about 6 km interacting with the local wildlife (yaks) and watching the birdlife. We also looked at some caves although I was disappointed not to be able to climb down one of them due to a pre-existing condition; small hole , big body. Back to the ger for a relaxing drink, dinner and then playing uno with anyone who wanted in. The driver kept on trying to cheat but as his Engish was limited couldínt get away with it. Later that night we had to switch to Mongolian (outvoted), where we stopped winning all of a sudden but a great time had by all. Even better, they turned the power on for about 1.5 hours so we could start to charge batteries. We start tomorrow at 9.00 am so went for some handsomeness rest.