claire and david’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Sep 2010

Location: Zuun Nuur, Mongolia

MapAs today is a travel day it is important to describe our transport to you. WE travel in a Russian UZA people mover. Ours is battleship grey but they also come in army green and airforce blue. They are a true workhorse and so come without the usual modcons such as a/c, airbags and even seatbelts. It does come with road assisted ejector seats but they forgot the roof hatch escape.
The roads are a phenomenon. The main tollway has yet to be built but everyone still pays a $10 toll and then goes onto one of the huge choice of 4 WD tracks on either side of the tollway to get where they need to go. Further off the beaten track the roads deteriorate to a vague track with bottomless erosion channels through the middle of them. Our driver navigates them, switching from track to track as he sees the best path. Today we travelled 200kms, leaving at 9.00 am and arriving in our new ger at 5.00 pm. We stopped for lunch (about half an hour) and to repack the wheel bearings (about 1 hr). The guide doesn’t know one end of a car from the other so was set the job of polishing the dashboard. Arrived safely and now await the adventures for tomorrow.