claire and david’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Sep 2010

Location: Khuvsgol NP, Mongolia

MapDespite a disappointing morning due to a refusal by the tour leader to let us take the vehicle into the village and the yak ride carriage being broken, the day did improve.
After lunch we walked over path, forest, beach, bog and mountain for about 4.5 hours. Claire went for a paddle in the lake, just avoiding falling in which would have been funny except it was 4 degrees C. After returning from the perambulation we waited for our yak which we were assured would be there at 5.30 pm. We were told a man had been sent to get it 3.00pm but there was no sign of either until in the distance we saw our yak and cart. It was 6.40 pm. They decided to build anew tray for the cart for us as we waited. This took 6 planks of wood and a nail on either end with a couple of blankets thrown over everything at the end. It was a terrific ride with our driver making mating calls to roadside yaks and our guide running away in fear of amorous female yaks. All of ths being translated on the run. Lots of laughs for the 4 of us.
Got back, early night to get ready for the day ahead.