claire and david’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Sep 2010

Location: beijing, China

MapBeijing 14th September
We are now in Beijing. Two of our friends, Geoff and Angela arrived late on the 13th . The 4 of us set out to explore a little of Beijing. The city is really interesting. We went to explore a hutong, where Angela negotiated a very good price on a rickshaw. We felt a little sorry for our driver! He did assure us that he had very strong muscles but he had to work hard! We had lunch in a little café where the bill came to 34 yuan ( about $6) for the four of us and that included 3 beers. After lunch we explored the most beautiful garden , the Beihai park where we saw many temples, water features and the nine dragon screen which is a wall 5 metres high and 27 metres long made up of glazed tiles. Fantastic!
We found another very cheap place for dinner, where we were once again the only gwailo (foreign devils) there. I love the food here! It is some of the best since we left Australia.
15th Sept.
We have decided that we love Beijing! We caught the bullet train today to Tianjin . Angela , who speaks Cantonese, negotiated a very good price for a driver and a taxi to take us around the city. Good lunch eating traditional steam buns, CHIILI beef and bamboo soup. Taxi driver was a local who was very informative. Bullet train travelled at 333 km per hour! And only took 28 minutes.