claire and david’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010

Location: Xian, China

MapWoke up ths morning to torrential rain and a host of small, precocious 5 yo's. Naturally took plenty of pictures of the small things before moving on to the itinerary. First up was the Hanging Monastery - an exercise in terror for the vertical phobics. The entire monastery is a comprimise as 3 religions were worshipped there so that the temple wasn't destroyed by anyone. Then lunch before another exercise in fear up the Wooden Pagoda. Half way up, I was prepared to light the match myself! Our fears thouroughly explored, we travelled by bus to the ancient town of Pingyou. We walked the walls and visited some of the sites of the International Photography Exhibition as well as the local Courts and prisons (including the holding cell awaiting execution - depressing). After lunch we visited the first bank in China, about 160 yo. The rest of the day was taken up with Claire dragging me along as she went shopping for dragons, earrings and cushion covers, the usual touristica. Caught the overnight train to Xian where we changed over guides and spent a sedate day looking at 1 pagoda which no-one was obliged to climb and the history museum which charted the local history from Lantian Man to the 1840's. Spent the evening at the T'ang Musical Hall listenng to dances and music from that era. Dinner then packing our bags ready for our trip to Hua Shan tomorow.