claire and david’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Sep 2010

Location: Xi'An, China

MapToday the weather has been miserable. we seem to have a lot of rain as a result of the typhoon in Quandong province - no where near us! only the rain.
Yesterday we went to the han tombs and musuem. This site contains many small figures of soldiers and horses, livestock including dogs.
Later in the day we went to the terracotta warriors. These are absolutely overwhelming with row after row of larger than lifesize soldiers in battle formation. The horses were magnificient and all of this was part of the burial chamber of the first emperor of China! The craftsman were so skilled!
It was quite anazing to think that these were 2200 years old.
What an experience!
We then travelled to Huashan.
The plan was for a walk up the mountain but the weather was not the best.
David and I settled on travelling over 1600 metres up the north peak in a cable car then walking around up there. A few breaks in the weather enabled us to get a few photos.
Tonight we are back in Xian and had a very tasty meal including Peking Duck.
I have to say that the food is really good.