claire and david’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Oct 2010

Location: Kashgar, China

MapFinally catching up after a long time without access to the internet. Since Xi'an and the terracotta warriors we travelled to Lanzhou, a town with the reputation for being the most polluted in China. We saw the White Pagoda Hill before bussing on to Linxia and some Buddhist Caves. Travelled by speed boat across a lake to get there , which was interesting but the girls trying to sell trinkets were over the top with the pressure to buy and it took the edge off somewhat. Then drove to Xi'ahe a small town at 3000m with another Buddhist Temple. Saw the effects of altitude sickness as 2 members of the group were affected, 1 expecting to be and the other not. Drove back to Lanzhou afterwards where we got ready for the first of three flights in quick succession - Lanzhou to Dunhaung, where we stayed for 2 nights seeing more grottoes, a fun camel ride into the Gobi and a visit to Crescent Moon oasis, then an evening flight to Urumchi with an early morning flightthe next day to Kashgar. It was at Urumchi that 2 of our group decided to leave us, travelling to Shanghai and then back home in a few days. The first day in Kashgar has been fun visiting mosques and a walk through the "old town". Tomorrow promises to be interesting as we are supposed to be visiting the livestock market followed by the bazaar. Already one person has indicated some squeamishness at visiting the livestock market but we are looking forward to it anyway!