claire and david’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Oct 2010

Location: Urumqi, China

MapThis leg of the journey draws to a close as we fly back to Beijing tomorrow and then on to Hong Kong the day after.
Turpan was a bit hectic when we first arrived for after lunch and a short nap for some, we travelled to the Jiahoe Ancient ruins where we saw how a 1600 year old civilisation began. It lasted until the 1400's when the Mongol hordes conquored it. Interesting points in it were the burial mound of 200 infants, in the government officials area no less, other interests were the monastery, a residence and the old watch tower. From there we moved to the Karej water irrigation system, an underground irrigation system for watering grapes and other crops.
The following day we went to Mazar village in the Tuyu valley. This is a working Uyger village operating as it used to 100's of years ago. Then after a quick lunch we drove to Urumqi and the Regional museum located there. After staring at mummified corpses and ethnic costumes for 1.5 hours we checked into the hotel and went out fora noodle soup.
This morning we went for a stroll in Red Hill Park before Claire and I caught a taxi to the Bazaar. Lots of stalls to tempt a tourist but we spent a small amount before coming back to the hotel. We found an underground shopping mall but bravely spent nothing before coming up to the room and preparing ourslves for the next outing to find dinner.