claire and david’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Jan 2016

Location: Kochi, India

MapWe left Sydney at 10am on Monday flying to Bangkok as the first leg of what was to be a very long day or should I say days. The stopover time in Bangkok was 8 long hours. We then had a 5 hour flight to Delhi then another 3 hours to kochi. Altogether about 30 hours. On arrival at the airport we couldn't see our pick up as arranged. There were military everywhere together with bands and people making speeches. It was their Independence Day!
Eventually our pick up arrived and we were driven to fort kochi our home for the next few days. On the way our driver told us about the difficulty of finding places that sold alcohol and so stopped at a government run bottle shop. Stocked up with local beer we then proceeded to our hotel. A short walk and some lunch saw us back in the hotel for a nap.
Lunch and dinner were both vegetarian, very nice with the most amazing bread. On them way out one of the tuk tuk drivers tried to get us to take a tour with him. We said "tomorrow" so at 10 am today he was waiting on the footpath near our hotel.
After settling on the cost we then went off for about 3hours visiting the local laundry, a Hindu temple, a catholic basilica, and seeing life in the markets and backstreets. The driver was fantastic and very informative. There was no real pressure on us to buy anything even though we got taken to a couple of shops. When we finally got to where we finished we gave him a bit more than we had agreed....the equivalent of $10! Not bad.
Tonight we went to a cooking school where we made coconut rice,vegetable thruma, dhal fried, potato ulao, eggplant curry. It was held on a private house and full hands on. We cooked despite a power cut for about 15 minutes then we ate. Delicious. Tuk tuk ride back, leisurely kingfisher beer then back to hotel. Had a great day. Loving India!!!