claire and david’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 Feb 2016

Location: Mysore, India

MapKochi to Mysore.
We are currently in Mysore. Internet access has been difficult for the past few days so this will be a catchup.
On our last night in kochi we saw a live performance , Kerala traditional dance.
The makeup was put on on stage which was fascinating. There was then a demonstration by the actors which explained the various facial expressions and gestures. This was followed by a brief performance. Very clever but 1/2 hour was plenty. We had a great meal but it was a dry day in kochi so no beer!
The next day we caught a train for 4 hours followed by a private meeting bus finally arriving in Ooty. We had a really nice dinner then went to a bar. Beer and other drinks were more available than in kochi.
The weather in Ooty is very mild at this time of year. At night it was cold enough for a jacket. It was a pleasant change after the heat and humidity of Kochi.
The next day we visited a tea plantation. The picking was all done by women. Wages are not high but accomodation , health benefits are provided as part of the conditions, so it's not too bad, but still very hard work. I bought some ginger tea and some Marsala (spiced) tea. After that we caught the toy train which was the original train to the tea plantations. Dinner that night was at a big lodge, where for the first time you could order drinks with our meal.
After breakfast we headed off to our stay in the tiger reserve. This was a fabulous resort on the edge of the national park. It was not fenced off so after dark you had to get escorted to your room by a security guard. Infra red cameras showed that leopards and elephants roamed around the resort so the guard was a safety measure! Late in the afternoon we all piled in to jeeps for a safari to try to see a tiger. We saw deer, hares , a chameleon, a bear,peacocks, and some elephants. But no tiger!
This was one of the best days of the trip so far.
After breakfast we hopped in a bus and headed for Mysore. On the way we saw a number of elephants and got some great photos. The rest of the day we went to a Hindu temple and the palace which was spectacular.
Today we went to another temple followed by a bit of shopping. I bought a sari!
At present we are on a train headed to our next stop. It. Is an overnight train and we are in a carriage with 8 bunks!