claire and david’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Feb 2016

Location: Mamallapurum, India

MapYesterday we got off the overnight train then travelled for about 2 hours to Mamallapurum. This is not far from Chennai on the coast. It is famous for its rock carving so we visited 3 sites to see the most amazing carving. These we're carved from single rocks in about the 13th century and are huge. I am leaning quite a lot about Hinduism as most of the temples we have visited are or were originally Hindu temples. I will put up a couple of photos to give some idea.
D inner last night was at a seafood restaurant, and we splurged on a lobster and two enormous prawns not that much smaller. It was the most expensive meal so far but well worth it.
The food here has been wonderful. I have only had one non Indian meal since we arrived. Breakfast has been Marsala dosa (a pancake with potato inside) or idly ( these are steamed pancakey things that come with 3or 4 chutneys . The Marsala chai is great and fortunately you can still get coffee. We have not had any wine since we got off the plane in Delhi. Beer is the drink that is readily available. The ones we have tried so far are kingfisher and British empire. We preferred the kingfisher.