claire and david’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Feb 2016

Location: Kerala backwaters and kochi, India

MapEarly next morning we set off by private bus to Kerala backwaters. The drive took a few hours with one stop at yet again another Catholic Church. It is surprising how many there are in southern India. All to do with the Portuguese. You can see shrines, statues and other such religious stuff in restaurants, shops, houses and even taxis and tuk Turks.
After the bus ride we then had a one hour trip in a boat to our home stay on the backwaters. The house was amazing and after lunch we went for a walk through part of the village then a pole boat ride. One of our fellow travellers,Colin, polled our boat, reliving his youth on the river at Cambridge. It was a really good attempt!
Dinner was again at the home stay followed by rum and Pepsi until it ran out!
After breakfast we then hopped back into the speed boat and went off to apperly.
There was a plan to get a house boat but not enough were interested so that couldn't happen.
Some of us then caught a public bus back to kochi. At one stop a number of students boarded the bus and talked to us for the rest of the trip. They were studying business and it at college, and had an early end to the day as their colleges were on strike. I couldn't find out why. They were the nicest young men and made the trip a real pleasure.
That night was our final dinner for the first part of the trip. We said a sad farewell to our tour leader Thilip, and 3 of our group Sam, Debbie and Janet.
Our start the next morning was at 3.30 am!
Southern India was amazing, definitely a place to come back to.