claire and david’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Feb 2016

Location: Delhi, India

MapArrived in Delhi. Airport fine. Arranged a transfer to hotel. Fine. Lunch at hotel. After lunch David and I decided to go for a walk. We then started to discover some of the real Delhi. We were met by a tout within few metres of the hotel together with a tuk tuk driver. They were very insistent and intrusive, completely the opposite of the south. We weren't sure at all about Delhi. We finally found a market area, lost the tout etc and relaxed a bit.
That evening we met our new travelling companions. Can I say we miss you Sam and Debbie.
Next day we went by metro into old Delhi. Saw a temple and the highlight for me was the sycth temple. It was completely peaceful. They also feed 5000 people a day free of charge. Amazing!
Later in the day some of us went to the lotus temple which is a Baha'i temple. I think by now we have all religions covered
Tomorrow off to Agra for the Taj Mahal!