claire and david’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Feb 2016

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapWe have just left Thailand and crossed into Laos.
Thailand has been a real experience. The food as not as different as we had anticipated. Most of what we tasted was much the same as we can get at home.
David and I had some extra days in Bangkok before or tour started. The first day we arrived in the morning form Delhi and spent the day dozing off then went in search of dinner. Our hotel was located not far from Khaosan Rd, which is the big tourist Street. This was not our favourite place but we had to go there once. On the second and third days we had booked an urban adventure. Part one, in the afternoon we caught a boat to the Chinese sector where we sampled different street food. The roti with condensed milk was different but amazing! The next morning we met with our tour leader, Ant, and set out for the day. The first stop was street food breakfast,chicken and crispy pork, noodles and rice! We then toured the fresh food market. I recognised most of the food. There were also lots of frogs and eels to buy and cook. After that we hopped in a taxi and went to the outskirts of Bangkok to a market farm. This is a project that has been developed on the site of an old fish farm . The idea is to show people food growing then to cook using all local ingredients. We had a go with the Hoe and the digger then helped with lunch. I have read never tasted morning glory before and it was delicious. The family were lovely and showed me how to make roses from pandanus leaves. Much laughter and a great experience.
Day 3 we took a trip to the floating markets. We had been there 10 years ago and it was still much the same. Major difference was that we were happy to try any of the street food this time!
That evening we met with the rest of our tour. There are 16 of us which we think is a bit big. There are 5 New Zealanders, (all one family), 3 Swiss, 4 Canadians,2 Americans and us.
Our final day in Bangkok, we took a ride on a longboat up the river and canals, then on to the reclining Buddha, then we went to the palace. This was very crowded and hot so we didn't stop long. From there back to the hotel, lunch and ready for the overnight train to Chiang mai.