claire and david’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Mar 2016

Location: Chiang mai, Thailand

MapThe overnight train was very comfortable and I slept surprisingly well. On arrival we checked into our hotel, then 5 of us set out for our cooking class. A visit to the market, then off to cook. During the class we made tom kha gai, pad thai, mussamun curry and sticky rice and mango. As we cooked we then ate each course.
That evening we went to the night market first for dinner then for a stroll around the market. David and I ended the evening listening to an average but enthusiastic band and drinking a Singha beer.
Next day a group of us went out to the elephant hospital. This is a private facility which cares for injured elephants, some of them with limbs blown off by land mines. There is also a reserve there where we went and fed the elephants and their babies.
That evening we walked to another night market for food. It was really crowded,so we didn't stay long.
We travelled the next day in 2 private buses to Chiang Rai then onto Chiang Khong. On the way we stopped at the White Temple. This is a totally over the top temple that Gaudi would be proud of. Inside the temple there is a mural depicting events of the world. The trade centre, and images of George Bush and Osama Bin Laden in the eyes of the devil. Very apt. The mural had amongst other things Superman, Jack Sparrow , Star Wars, Michael Jackson, Elvis, a minion, and The Matrix. From there it was a 2 hour drive to our hotel for the night where we filled out our paperwork for Laos.