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Darren & Carley’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Jan 2011

Location: Bristol - Belmont Road, UK

MapWell hello from good old England ! Its Darren here with the final update of the blog for our USA travels ! (Carley is asleep on the sofa as we have not had alot of sleep the last 48 hours !!)

Firstly all of the pics are now on the blog from NYC so enjoy !

When we left you last we had a bit of a sore head on New Years Day. We had to get up for midday to get to the Statue Of Liberty Tour. We were thankful we pre-booked as when we got to the docks the queue must have been about 1000+ people long !! So after a short queue for us (only 15 mins compared to a couple of hours if we had not booked!!) We got on Miss New York and travelled over to the Statue of Liberty !

The Hangovers got a nice blowing out and it was a great way to clear the head !!! The Statue was amazing and we got some really amazing pics. We had a little lunch on the island then did the tour of the museum. The State itself was amazing and whilst we did not get to go up the crown we did climb inside and go to the top of the pedalstal where we got some great views.

After that we decided to skip Ellis Island as it was getting on a bit and so we headed for the World Trade Centre site. When we have been walkling around New York its so compact and to come across this massive area where the towers were is crazy. They are nearly 10 years on and its still a building site. The Freedom tower is around 40 levels high at the moment and I think it has a long way to go !!! After spending some time at the site we headed to Wall Street and to the famous Wall Street Bull...... Honestly it was a load of Bull as it was 5 deep with Tourists and you could not even see the thing !!! As we had the rememnants of the hangover still we decided to head back to the hotel and chill out for a bit.

That night we just ate at a pub just off time square and did some TAT shopping. Honestly we have come back with that many fridge magnets and keyrings I am surprised we were allowed through the airport scanner !! Especially as they were all in my hand luggage !!

Our last day yesterday was a long one and in fact its still kinda going on ! We checked out of the hotel at 11am and headed for the New Meadowlands Stadium to see the New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills. Its a massive stadium and was wicked. To save a long story about American Football which I am sure not one of you reading this understand the Jets won 38-7 which is a hammering in American Football Terms !

After the game we got the train back into New York (well actually 2 trains, a lot of queuing and one unhappy Carley as I had dragged her to it ! She enjoyed it but it was alot of queueing getting to the stadium etc) We literally got back to the hotel grabbed the cases and then back on the train to the Airport. Our flight left at 10pm NYC time and arrived at heathrow this mornin 10am so with the time difference I am battling to stay awake (Carley has lost the battle! Although I am going to wake her up in a bit !! or she will be jetlagged)

Finally I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading the blog the past 3 weeks. We really cant believe everyone was that interested ! ha ha ! Thank you to both sets of parents and everyone else for all the $$$ for xmas that meant we did not have to skint it and thanks to Vicki for all those doubletree hotels !

We have about 1400 photos ! Yes 1400 photos !! So if you see Carley coming at you with a camera leg it because you will be there for a bloody long time ! We have had such an amazing time the last 3 weeks and will be boring the heck out of you all with our stories for a long long time !!

Until next time
See Ya
Darren :-) (And an asleep Carley !!!)