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Rachel and Stevey’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Apr 2011

Location: Belgrad, Serbia, Europe

MapOh boy, oh boy, so much has happened since March 25th. We successfully dropped off our rental car in Timisoara, after staying at great hostels and meeting great folks in Sibiu and the western part of Romania. Turns out we were really ready to leave the country just about the time we needed to, so lucky that. We took a train to Belgrad, Serbia and spent a few days there as well. We randomly found the Black Catz Hostel and it was a perfect spot- right near the main square and citadel and run by a very nice Serbian guy who drank rakija (a popular Balkans liquor made from distilled fruit, usually plum) with us, shared a bunch of music from the Balkans with us, and set us up to rent bikes, hit the town, and see the best sights. We spent three days there, then one day in Nis, a beautiful city south of the capital.
Another ride, this one a bus, found us in Bulgaria. For two days we went out with Zlatka to celebrate her birthday. First a late night on her birthday night at the bar in the basement of the hostel we were staying at, the second night at a hip hop/DJ/breakdancing party that happens only every couple of years and was a magnificent cultural experience.
We moved to Zlatka's house the second day, where she lives with her mother and brother. Oh, what a time! We slept in a comfy bed, ate food in a kitchen made by a mom (who just so happens to be opening a restaurant and makes delicious food) and felt right at home. She has a great family and as we spent time with them we learned a lot about like in Bulgaria and hope to visit again some day to explore the rest of the country outside of Sofia.