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Rachel and Stevey’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Apr 2011

Location: Athens, Greece

MapSometimes it works best to wing up somewhere, talk to people close by, wander and search for lodging. Athens, it turns out, was not the ideal city to try the winging it version. A couple hours of walking, asking for directions, and finally finding out that we did not have a reservation at the hostel we had emailed, only because they were booked. It was a late one, but we found a nice spot only four cobbletone streets from the base of the Acropolis. We have walked the National Garden, done our own torch run in front of the first Olympic Stadium arena, spent hours at both the Acropolis Museum and all the ruins associated with the city of Athens, and ate our hearts out. It is lovely and only slightly crowded since it is still early season, lucky us. We plan to head to the islands for a couple days on our way to Greece. The people here, by the way, are kind, boisterous, and often sound like they are yelling with excitement. We have been warmly welcomed and encouraged to partake in all parts of the Greek culture. What fun!