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justjmpit’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Oct 2010

Location: Kentucky, USA

MapHello from Kentucky!
Our gruelling trip began at 5:30am and did not end until 1:30AM the following day. We then had to struggle to set up our borrowed tent trailer for the first time, in the cold dark. We must have been annoying to our elbows distance neighbours as we clanged and cursed and banged.
Our trip had been extended when we drove past the main entrance and went several miles out of our way; we knew we were staying at a state park, and could not believe that the garishly lit trailer park was our destination...
Oh well, we got an introduction to the local wild life on that road, seeing several deer and oppossum.
We were rudely awoken at 4:30 AM to a siren and then constant grinding and banging noises that did not cease. When daylight broke, we saw we were packed in like sardines with other RV's and directly across from the wash and shower building. This proved okay as we were only here basically to crash.
As we drove away that first morning we saw that the source of all that noise was our nearest neighbour-a large and busy gravel pit..
I am sure the park was here first, so what polical decision allowed that zoning. This was the only camping within a half hour of WEG, but I can't imagine anyone coming here for the peace and quiet of nature!