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justjmpit’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Oct 2010

Location: Lexington, USA

MapWe left that campground behind as soon as possible and went out for breakfast. We had a farm tour booked for the afternoon, and did a little exploration of the area. It took us forever to find parking, which we finally did on the street. We then had to wait a half hour for the other attendees of the tour, while they found parking.
The farm tour did not impress us. We basically drove past a bunch of horse farms and made a few stops.
Keeneland was great, but open to the public so we could have visited that on our own and not been rushed out the door like we were. The 2 farms we did see were alright but there were others we could have seen just as easily without spending the 45$ each for the van, having to tip the groom and our tour guide...
aw well, we were newbies, but if we went again-you can get a map that gives details of 2 or 3 different driving tours, as well as other farms that you can tour on your own.
When we got back, Cyndi had tickets for dressage at WEG, and Michelle went with her to tour the grounds. Mom and I stayed in Lexington as a street fair was going on in conjuction with WEG, offering live music, lots of outdoor vendors, food and pubs.
One bonus was that when we went to feed the meter, it was out of order-we ended up parking in that spot for free, whenever we went to Lexington for the remainder of our stay.
The dressage was supposed to be telecast on a jumbotron set up downtown, but it was not on. We actually talked to the mayor, who said they were only getting live feed during the day. That was disappointing, but we toured the area, and sat and listened to music, had a few beers, it was all good. We got a free WEG mug, I bought a CD from one of the proformers, and you could walk around anywhere carrying your beer. You could even purchase individual beer packaged in an aluminum can, with a twist top, similar to a water bottle. I have never seen those in Canada.
At WEG, Michelle had to pay 25$ general admission to visit the grounds. This was at about 6:15 and they did not tell her everthing shut down at 7. She did manage to find a tent where she could watch dressage on TV, so all was not lost. It was pretty annoying that the gates keepers could not have told her that the displays and vendors were closing in 45 minutes.
We discovered a shuttle bus service from Lexington as well, that was only a dollar each way, so that was a money saver for us as we parked at our broken meter daily and took the bus.
Mom and I went to the truck at 10PM to await the WEG goers, who unfortunately did not meet up with each other, and Michelle did not arrive back until after the last shuttle.
The country roads here are narrow, with the trees and multitude of dry stone walls almost touching the pavement. It makes for a real tunnel effect, especially driving after dark.
It was close to midnight when we arrived back at camp and fell in bed.