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justjmpit’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Oct 2010

Location: Lexington, Kentucky, USA

MapSaturday morning bright and early the excitement builds; it is cross country day! This is what we all really came to see, nothing beats the thrill of high level cross.
The road to WEG was jammed and even with a very early start we miss the first few riders. There are lots to go however, and the weather is wonderful and warm, this will prove to be the warmest day of our trip.
We rush from jump to jump so we can see someone go over all them. You can barely get near the main water jump, but we do see them all, and there are some very technical questions.
All our Canadian riders go clear, which is a phenomenal result. We see trouble at a few places; a very precise and wiiide stone wall corner, and a 4 part obstacle consisting of a narrow brush, one stride to a dropped section, a stride or two to an out and then another narrow brush.
There are three water jumps, and many related distance questions. One is really neat where they jump over a carved fish in the water and out over a carved Kingfisher.
The main water element has a couple big drops into water, including one off an island.
After the last horse, we tour the course and see just how big some of the jumps are. It is amazing that the horses jump so effortlessly over these enormous obstacles.
Michelle and I wander by the stabling area, which has no security whatsoever. We see Jill Henselwood riding in a warmup area.
All the arenas have a synthetic footing that is remarkably light and cushiony. Oh to have the money to truck that in at home.
I was able to string together all the video and picture footage to show a horse at every obstacle. Tommorrow we are doing our one non-horse related tour. Mammoth Caves!