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justjmpit’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Oct 2010

Location: Fort Boonesboro State Park, USA

MapWell we did see a few oppossum eyes glowing, and scared ourselves a few times in the pitch black so our little midnight hike was fun. We took a gander at the halloween display at our campground. It consists of trees draped in orange lights, blow up cartoon characters and hundreds of glowing plastic pumpkins.
I don't see the point. Maybe kids like it.
We shuttle in to WEG in the morning, after a full breakfast. We don't want to be forced to buy any overpriced food on the grounds, and outside food is forbidden.
Since we have to be at WEG for 8:30 AM paradressage tomorrow, we take photos at thoroughbred park in Lexington this morning.
Here there is a lifesize sculpture of a horse race. The detail in amazing, right to the muliple goggles around the jockey's necks, and the tendon wraps on the horses. Each horse and rider is in a different moment of suspension, and adorned with different tack, saddlecloths, bits, bridles. It is quite something.
I forgot to mention that there is "Painted Pony" art display in Lexington and on the WEG grounds. These are life size fiberglass horses decorated in different art themes. They are all over the downtown area and we see more as we enter the tradeshow at WEG.
There is no lineup to get in today. The cross country day was by far busier, but I think it was unlimited tickets for that, and by far the most exciting of the disiplines. It would have been great to stay to watch the driving cross country, but that runs after our time here is over which, sigh, is over way to quickly, considering tomorrow is our last day here.
We wander the grounds looking at the various booths, and make our way to the main stadium for the jumping. All the jumps are themed for Kentucky landmarks, and we spend an enjoyable afternoon.
I root for my favorites, Hickstead of course, and the american, Mclain Ward on the mighty mare Saphire.
We decide to return to the pub we were at yesterday for dinner, and stop in at the equifair in this mall, which seems to have better deals than WEG. We pick up dog food samples, and some neat natural mineral rocks, as well as watch a few demonstrations; youth vaulting and the breed Akhal-Teke, a rare Asian breed. Recent DNA studies at the University of Kentucky confirm Akhal-Teke as the earliest domesticated breed of horses.
They are a tall slender breed with a very shiny hair coat.
One more sleep then our last day at WEG, where we have tickets for paradressage and compulsary vaulting.