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justjmpit’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Oct 2010

Location: Kentucky Horse Park, USA

MapPara dressage is held in a small arena that takes us some time to find. Cyndi wakes up feeling rather ill, and blames it on the fish sandwich she had for dinner last night.
She does not have tickets for either event today, but buys a vaulting ticket and we agree to meet after the dressage.
We do not sit through all the dressage. It is great, but every test is the same, and a couple hours are enough. We leave at 11, split and agree to meet at the Vaulting venue.
I make my way to the dressage association, thinking Cyndi might be there but no sign, I tour through a few of the association pavillions which all have a permanent home here. Alot are giving freebees such as water, candy and snacks.
This is good as a bottle of water is 5 dollars at a vendor.
The vaulting is in a different area then either the jumping or the dressage, and mom and Michelle are already there when I arrive. We check our section, but no Cyndi. Strange. Since this is compusaries, every ride is pretty much the same. We again leave after a couple hours and tour some more, we see several breed demonstrations and a very good proformance by the top four hunter riders in the US. Finally we have had enough, and decide to shuttle back. We are concerned about Cyndi, since she did not show up for vaulting, and check with the medics who are sympathetic, but have no word of her. We finally took the shuttle back to Lexington and walked to the truck thinking maybe, feeling ill, she was lying down in the truck. Nope. We waited at the shuttle stop and she finally arrived. She gave us the news that the ticket she had bought for vaulting was for the morning proformance. She had asked for afternoon and did not realize, so did not attend the morning, was not allowed into the afternoon, and therefore wasted thiryfive bucks.
She is still feeling somewhat ill, and we have an early night, since we are facing that long drive outta here tomorrow.