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justjmpit’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Jul 2010

Location: NY, USA

MapToday I begin my motorcycle drive to visit my sister in Magog Quebec. I plan to take two days, staying tonight in New York State. I want to drive the scenic route, since I cannot see it being much fun driving down the 401 on a little 250CC bike. Yikes!
It all begins well, and I have my google maps downsized to fit in my pocket. The only bad thing is, I cannot remember more than 2 or three turns ahead and must constantly pull over and consult my maps.
I make it to the border crossing just east of Prescott. The entire bridge is metal grid which I find a little unnerving on the bike. I think I will come home over a different bridge.
It should only be a short trip now to Robert Moses State Park. Unfortunately it is not well marked and I drive past it twice before I realize I am there. I get a site and pitch my little tent. The area is nice, not too populated but I am right across from a family with two small boys.
Since my bike is so small, I can't carry an air mattress, and brought no cooking stuff or beer. I retire into bed with my headlight and book.
The family makes a lot of noise. They stay up way later then I am used to and I didn't bring ear plugs. The ground is hard and my hips are sore. Then I awake to pouring rain.
I wait it out until about 9am, then pack up in the pouring rain and don my rain gear. It is not too bad. What's annoying is that just outside the park gate I stop for gas and find I could have bought a couple beers by the can here to at least drink the night before. Oh well