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justjmpit’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Jul 2010

Location: USA

MapIt rains and rains. My boots are full of water. I pass one small town with hundreds of windmills and go over a bridge that divides the state line of New York and Vermont, right in the middle.
Just before I cross back over the border, into Quebec, the rain lulls, and I stop for a sorely needed coffee and breakfast sandwich at dunkin donuts. I sit out on the curb and dump my boots, wring out my socks. Thank God it's warm.
Once I am back in Canada, the weather clears. I still make a wrong turn, confusing Bromont with Bolton, and again go out of my way. But Bromont is worth seeing and it takes me a scenic route, north of Magog on a beautiful highway that passes throught the picturesce town of Mont Orford.
In the middle of the afternoon, I arrive at my sisters in Magog, none the worse for wear.
It is my first visit here, and they have a beautiful secluded spot, with bush, ponds, and a half tame whitetail buck.
We don't do much that first day, just relax, eat and have a few drinks.