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justjmpit’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Jul 2010

Location: Magog, QUE, Canada

MapThe dinner party proved fun, with the English skills of Marylou and Fred's friends far exceeding my French ones. They all made an effort and made me welcome which was great.
Today we drove to hike a mountain. The climb gave magestic views of Lac Lyster, and although the area was restricted we could hear the cries of the resident pergrine falcons.
We took a scenic drive back and stopped in North Hatley for an outdoor lunch on the riverside porch of a little pub.
After dinner we had a campfire, and vowed to burn out a large hornet nest that had been growing under the bridge to the outhouse. Poor Fred had already been stung, and found out he had an allergic reaction...
After a few beers, Fred felt fortified and returned to the fire with shovels, and covered head to toe, in his idea of protective gear, boots, coverall, hat. We took shovels full of embers and dumped them on the nest than ran full tilt back to the fire, afraid we were being chased. It was rather anticlimatical when we saw no hornets, just smoke and then a small fire. We checked later and saw no activity, but we could still see comb, so gave it another dose of coals for good measure. In the morning all that remained were a few chunks of comb and the charred bodies of a few hornets.