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justjmpit’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Jul 2010

Location: USA

MapToo soon, my visit is over and I am headed back today. I am undecided where to spend the night, leary of my restless camp sleep on the way here. Fred has improved on my maps, and we have written out directions and taped them to my gas tank. This works far better, and I take a route directly south to the border, then back along the scenic route through Vermont and New York. It is much nicer not raining.I make much better time, and I pass where I camped on the way here, and decide to continue on to visit my other sister in Battersea, north of Kingston, and spend the night there.
Remembering some of the scenery, I take some pictures of the bridge crossing between Vermont and New York, and also of the windmills. I cross back into Canada at the Thousand Islands which is much better, even though I am on a pretty major highway for a short while, and the 401 for one exit. I had no trouble at any border crossings and at this one they don't even ask me to remove my helmet.
Cyndi and Mark are not expecting me of course, and are on their way out for dinner. They generously invite me along and I get to spend the night in greater comfort than I had anticipated.
I need a thermarest that will fit the bike!
Following the pattern, the next day it is pouring rain. But it is a short trip back home and I am greeted by some pretty ecstatic dogs. All in all a great trip. I think I spent about 35 bucks in gas and it would have been less if I didn't get lost a few times.