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AnneWellman’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Feb 2011

Location: Falkland Islands, Falkland Islands

Arrived to find the weather very windy and the captain in some doubt as to whether we could go ashore (many ships are totally unable to land passengers because of the weather). Two tenders were eventually launched to ferry people in groups into the harbour, which was too small for the ship itself. Our turn came about two and a half hours after the time we'd booked a tour with a local guide, but luckily she was still waiting. However, we could only drive to a nearby penguin colony where the penguins had moved to a spot on a mined beach instead of accessible rocks. We couldn't get close but could view them through our binoculars and took some zoomed photos. Drove back for a walk around Port Stanley, which proved to be remarkably similar to Dunoon on a grey Sunday morning. People very friendly though (with a strange West Country/Australian accent). Bought jam for everyone made from local diddledee berries - expect it for Christmas presents. Strangely, they wouldn't accept our leftover Argy pesos.

11 Feb

Sailing towards Antarctica and noticeably colder. Walked on deck OK early in the morning (although no sightings, as previously, of dolphins or whale spouts) and read a bit outside later on, but by lunch it was too cold to stay out. Our new heavy-duty coats are now getting used. During the afternoon the fog got thicker and the sea is hardly visible; hopefully this will dispel by tomorrow so we can see Elephant Island (where Shackleton's men were marooned for 4 months under upturned boats on the beach). The ship is now manning look-outs for 'growlers', rogue icebergs capable of sinking us. Not that we're worried or anything.