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AnneWellman’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Feb 2011

Location: Punta Arenas, Chile

MapPunta Arenas similar to Ushuaia yesterday but a bit of a highlight in that we met up with old friends. Visited a Magellanic penguin colony in the morning, where the penguins seemed very blase about the hundreds of humans standing a few yards off staring at them. These penguins lay their eggs in burrows, going back and forth to the sea to get fish and taking turns staying in the burrow. Constant honking going on (the penguins, not the tourists). In the afternoon we successfully met up with old university friends Hugh and Pauline, who have been biking round South America for the last few months and were coincidentally going to be in Punta Arenas at the same time, if they made it according to plan. We had arranged to meet in the main square at 2 but were not sure it would come off, so it was a real Stanley and Livingston moment when we caught sight of them coming towards us. Spent the afternoon in a bar and taking a look at their bikes and gear etc in the hostel they were staying in - bit of a contrast to our own luxury existence. Took them some stuff off the boat to alleviate the guilt.