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AnneWellman’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011

Location: Valparaiso, Chile

MapOnly Martyn went to Santiago, the capital of Chile, as I had the mother of all tooth infections and had to stay on the ship. Santiago is at the foot of the Andes - great views from the city, though the mountains were not snow-capped at this time of year. We both walked around the old capital Valparaiso the next day (when the antibiotics had kicked in). The newer part a bit characterless - apart from the statue to national hero Arthur Prat - but the older part more interesting. Built on 12 hills, you ascend by one of several rickety Victorian funiculars. Colourful houses and flowers. Talked at some length to a Chilean of Mapuche Indian extraction in his shop who told us the Chileans think the English are boring. Told him he was right. Stocked up on Chilean wine and Pisco Sour.