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AnneWellman’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Mar 2011

Location: Manta, Ecuador

MapManta not much to write home about but a few miles away lies Montecristi, the rightful home of the 'Panama' hat. The locals weave the material for this hat from some vegetable we never fully identified, to varying degrees of fineness and cost. The big deal is that the hats are supposed to spring back into shape after being rolled up but, naturally, the one we bought hasn't. Back in Manta after the trip to Montecristi we found a beach-side restaurant for lunch where a number of strolling bands competed to play to customers, drowning out a pretty good blind guitarist we were trying to listen to over the cacophony - felt like paying them to go away. Walking down the beach afterwards we stumbled across the best penguin colony yet - see pic.