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Coleen’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Jan 2011

MapTerry and I were very adventurous today set off on our own to find China Town. We took the water bus and after finding the market, got lost in the maze of shops and food vendors. We were about the only blond haired people (well, actually grey) in the crowd. There are food vendors everywhere!! Somethings we'd try, but others definitely not!

The water bus was absolutely wonderful - there are piers set up all along the river, and people hop on and off, just like a regular bus. I could spend the whole day riding along the river.

In the evening, we took the water bus and Sky Train to the MBK, which is the largest mall in Bangkok. (Went there to find the Apple Store). The best thing about the whole event, was riding along the river at night, as it afforded an incredible view of the Wats and the Grand Palace, which were all lit up. Very beautiful. (Hopefully we will do this again before we leave Bangkok).