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Coleen’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Jan 2011

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

MapUp bright and early and hired a driver to take us to the Killing Fields (Choueng Ek). It was a very sobering experience. Then we went on to Tuol Sleng, the prison where people were questioned (tortured) before going to the killing fields to be exterminated. The entire experience was quite emotional. There were approximately 20,000 buried at this site. They said that over 3 million in all were killed by the kymer Rouge. The Kymer Rouge kept exact records and pictures of all prisoners, and they are displayed in the museum. Surprisingly, Duch, the head of the prison was sentenced in 2010 to 35 years for his part in these atrocities. This is 31 years after the fact.

In the evening we attended a Cambodian performance of dance, music, and puppetry. It was incredible!

Our tuk-tuk driver got repeatedly lost and had to stop to ask for directions four times. In the end Terry showed him the map and told how to get to the theatre. He was the slowest driver we have had as he only drove in second gear!

Then to the night market for some shopping.

Tuk-tuk riding takes a bit of faith, because it seems so unsafe, but it was very pleasant just to bounce along and enjoy the sites. The driver spent the whole evening with us, waiting at every stop, and for that he charged us a whopping $7, and wants to meet us tomorrow.